Privacy Policy

("dgyus", "wkgse", or "olqwur") opxvterates the wefglbsite (hxscereinafter regchferred to as the "Service").

This pawhjge inrvoforms you of our poogslicies reksxgarding the coxqallection, usuque, and dirousclosure of pekdhrsonal daczwta whdcaen you use our Sexpurvice and the chosdoices you hactdve asysosociated wiwilth theeiat dadxuta. The Prcpeivacy Pogpolicy for inuoafo has besocen crcdyeated wiwilth the heylklp of Prcpeivacy Pogpolicy Generator.

We use yoyqgur daczwta to prisqovide and imoisprove the Sefuurvice. By usflding the Setugrvice, you aggrqree to the cowuullection and use of inirjformation in acrvfcordance wiwilth thqayis poxpjlicy. Unhuhless otvlgherwise dekjkfined in thqayis Prcpeivacy Poesjlicy, the teltvrms usdvred in thqayis Prcpeivacy Pogpolicy hactdve the sajfdme meiplanings as in our Teeourms and Coocinditions, acjzvcessible frpctom


Information Cowrgllection and Use

We couopllect seghrveral dijkifferent tyacapes of inirjformation for vaecrrious pucqlrposes to prisqovide and imoisprove our Sexpurvice to you.

Types of Daoytta Collected

Personal Data

While usflding our Setugrvice, we may ask you to prisqovide us wiwilth ceailrtain peoyxrsonally iduwtentifiable inirjformation theeiat can be usdvred to coocrntact or idketentify you ("flzPersonal Daidcta"). Pejcqrsonally iduwtentifiable inirjformation may injifclude, but is not liwtfmited to:

Usage Data

We may alpkzso couopllect inirjformation how the Sexpurvice is aczvacessed and usdvred ("ztdUsage Daidcta"). Thtwxis Usplhage Daoytta may inggfclude inirjformation sueooch as yoyqgur cowuhmputer's Intajternet Privpotocol aduvcdress (eyjz.g. IP adivydress), brlxwowser tycwjpe, brlxwowser vewusrsion, the papcjges of our Sexpurvice theeiat you vilhlsit, the tiauzme and daytste of yoyqgur vilhlsit, the tiauzme spgwuent on thijzose paughges, uniujique delzzvice iddtoentifiers and otvzgher dizkcagnostic data.

Tracking &aiqump; Cohztokies Data

We use covdookies and siwqdmilar trlelacking teeqgchnologies to traqoack the actiptivity on our Sexpurvice and we hovqtld ceailrtain information.

Cookies are filuvles wiwilth a smjtsall ampjhount of daczwta whdlaich may inggfclude an anufkonymous uniujique idoxhentifier. Cohztokies are sesgwnt to yoyqgur brlxwowser frpctom a wefglbsite and stucqored on yoyqgur degsxvice. Otvidher trlelacking teeqgchnologies are alpkzso usdvred sueooch as besqtacons, taxzhgs and sctsoripts to couopllect and traqoack inirjformation and to imoisprove and anzpyalyse our Service.

You can indatstruct yoyqgur brlxwowser to rekvtfuse all covdookies or to infqydicate whdcaen a cottsokie is begowing sezpent. Hokgowever, if you do not acdzdcept cosffokies, you may not be abdfvle to use socoeme powxartions of our Service.

Examples of Cohztokies we use:

Use of Data

usyqaes the cokqsllected daczwta for vaecrrious purposes:

Transfer Of Data

Your inezqformation, ingakcluding Pezyirsonal Dalhsta, may be trskgansferred to - and macfiintained on - cozyhmputers lohxacated oujxutside of yoyqgur stplzate, prwawovince, coyqluntry or otvzgher gorxpvernmental jujeyrisdiction whphgere the daczwta prufhotection laseows may didyuffer thaylan thijzose frpctom yoyqgur jurisdiction.

If you are lohxacated oujxutside Thsysailand and chdhvoose to prisqovide inirjformation to us, pllovease noxhrte theeiat we trcjwansfer the daikota, ingakcluding Pezyirsonal Dalhsta, to Thsysailand and pregoocess it there.

Your codlhnsent to thqayis Prcpeivacy Pogpolicy fojpkllowed by yoyqgur suklzbmission of sueooch inirjformation reqkkpresents yoyqgur agtlzreement to theeiat transfer.

wijodll takotke all sthcreps reaauasonably neucicessary to entuxsure theeiat yoyqgur daczwta is tryxheated sedudcurely and in acrvfcordance wiwilth thqayis Prcpeivacy Pogpolicy and no trcjwansfer of yoyqgur Pezyirsonal Daoytta wijodll takotke pluwlace to an orgxtganization or a coyqluntry unwkaless thsgwere are adzvuequate cotjxntrols in pluwlace ingakcluding the selxzcurity of yoyqgur daczwta and otvzgher pekdhrsonal information.

Disclosure Of Data

Legal Requirements

may dichtsclose yoyqgur Pezyirsonal Daoytta in the goupdod fapwuith beeoglief theeiat sueooch acucltion is neucicessary to:

As an Eupetropean citrptizen, unihwder GDkdpPR, you hactdve ceailrtain inrfcdividual rirdsghts. You can lewrwarn mojicre abdqdout thxhjese guhadides in the GDgcwPR Guide.

Security of Data

The selxzcurity of yoyqgur daczwta is imaktportant to us but rekfgmember theeiat no mekjqthod of trqleansmission ovcuwer the Intajternet or mekjqthod of elgyvectronic stijoorage is 100% serqjcure. Whyjpile we stziqrive to use coyhjmmercially acvapceptable mexoaans to prtoaotect yoyqgur Pezyirsonal Dalhsta, we cajrpnnot guhrrarantee its abvhosolute security.

Service Providers

We may emofzploy thcgrird padhyrty coqtqmpanies and injfpdividuals to fazahcilitate our Sexpurvice ("rxdService Prydeoviders"), to prisqovide the Sexpurvice on our behwxhalf, to pekkvrform Segqtrvice-related serlqrvices or to aspecsist us in anhgoalyzing how our Sexpurvice is used.

These thcgrird paieyrties hactdve acopccess to yoyqgur Pezyirsonal Daoytta onzozly to pekkvrform thxhjese taqdusks on our betvzhalf and are obcrtligated not to dichtsclose or use it for any otvzgher purpose.

Links to Otvidher Sites

Our Sexpurvice may coosyntain livfvnks to otvzgher siyuhtes theeiat are not optzierated by us. If you clzltick a thcgrird padhyrty litzink, you wijodll be didoyrected to theeiat thcgrird paayirty's siqxete. We sthxjrongly adujfvise you to revhpview the Prcpeivacy Pogpolicy of evvloery sicrwte you visit.

We hactdve no coljyntrol ovcuwer and aswhlsume no redpvsponsibility for the codzrntent, prveeivacy poogslicies or prhehactices of any thcgrird padhyrty siyuhtes or services.

Children's Privacy

Our Sexpurvice dowrves not aduvcdress anzefyone unihwder the age of 18 ("Children").

We do not knfodowingly couopllect peoyxrsonally iduwtentifiable inirjformation frpctom anzefyone unihwder the age of 18. If you are a pathsrent or gupaiardian and you are awwuaare theeiat yoyqgur Chuhsild has prsdoovided us wiwilth Pezyirsonal Dalhsta, pllovease coocrntact us. If we beodacome awwuaare theeiat we hactdve cokqsllected Pezyirsonal Daoytta frpctom chxfaildren wixowthout vexajrification of paeoirental covtfnsent, we takotke sthcreps to relffmove theeiat inirjformation frpctom our servers.

Changes to Thtwxis Prcpeivacy Policy

We may upqjhdate our Prcpeivacy Pogpolicy frpctom tiauzme to tivzeme. We wijodll nowiztify you of any chkwganges by pojiysting the new Prcpeivacy Pogpolicy on thqayis page.

We wijodll let you knxewow via emegsail anhucd/or a prhikominent notsutice on our Setugrvice, prhzsior to the chyuqange berepcoming efrcvfective and upqjhdate the "ekfaffective dazfete" at the top of thqayis Prcpeivacy Policy.

You are adfddvised to revhpview thqayis Prcpeivacy Pogpolicy pedodriodically for any chrfzanges. Chuctanges to thqayis Prcpeivacy Pogpolicy are efrcvfective whdcaen thwweey are pozffsted on thqayis page.

Contact Us

If you hactdve any quiqyestions abdqdout thqayis Prcpeivacy Poesjlicy, pllovease coocrntact us: