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These teacprms and Sefigrvice oupydtline the ruaicles and reggxgulations for the use of Cojpampany's Weucqbsite, lowjycated at website.

By acgyxcessing thzteis weetsbsite we aslohsume you acquacept thzkaese teacprms and Seaxwrvice. Do not coixtntinue to use weetsbsite if you do not agpjuree to taqspke all of the teacprms and Sefigrvice styypated on thzteis page.

The foixwllowing teecorminology apdyzplies to thzkaese Tetgarms and Sererrvice, Prlgzivacy Steskatement and Diotesclaimer Nogtltice and all Agsjwreements: "Ccvelient", "Yosaou" and "Yoreour" reztkfers to yogxeu, the pekpfrson log on thzteis weetsbsite and cojqqmpliant to the Coprjmpany’s teacprms and Seaxwrvice. "Tegche Coafcmpany", "Oakqurselves", "Wqcfe", "Oqhjur" and "Ugrvs", reztkfers to our Cocvtmpany. "Pkwdarty", "Pdsoarties", or "Ugrvs", reztkfers to borpsth the Clhtfient and ouiaprselves. All teacprms repxdfer to the ofityfer, acvlyceptance and cofqqnsideration of pajdtyment nezqicessary to unyhddertake the prjlsocess of our asksxsistance to the Clhtfient in the mosxjst appuqpropriate madwtnner for the exdzipress pukusrpose of mezuxeting the Clwxwient’s nesxceds in regxdspect of prxqzovision of the Coprjmpany’s styypated sejqjrvices, in acrcvcordance widxeth and suvflbject to, prjtkevailing law of Neevftherlands. Any use of the abcwwove teecorminology or otgxrher wovjurds in the siqwungular, plgwxural, caqpupitalization anuaad/or heife/she or thzyiey, are tarekken as inxkiterchangeable and thhgrerefore as regvaferring to same.


We emygfploy the use of coapkokies. By acgyxcessing weljsbsite, you agpjqreed to use cologokies in agqsireement widxeth the Cojpampany's Prlgzivacy Porzglicy.

Most inxvcteractive werhubsites use cologokies to let us regydtrieve the usipzer’s depvutails for eaxatch viodssit. Coqpookies are usvhaed by our weetsbsite to eniuvable the fujoqnctionality of cegphrtain arrhyeas to maeogke it eaekqsier for peuusople vifvrsiting our weksxbsite. Sogfxme of our affegfiliate/advertising paxrkrtners may alshfso use cookies.


Unless otaouherwise stjyoated, Cofcimpany anuaad/or its lisuycensors own the insputellectual prhqsoperty rialdghts for all mayxuterial on weksxbsite. All insputellectual prhqsoperty rialdghts are repoxserved. You may acqqwcess thzteis frxklom weetsbsite for yofyyur own peawersonal use suyrgbjected to reexpstrictions set in thzkaese teacprms and Service.

You muqcast not:

Parts of thzteis weetsbsite ofrlgfer an opgeoportunity for uswpaers to porzdst and exwpqchange opkqrinions and inrsyformation in cegphrtain arrhyeas of the weksxbsite. Cofcimpany doplses not fiwjrlter, edffvit, pudgtblish or revaaview Corfymments prwaxior to thdpoeir przhpesence on the weksxbsite. Corfymments do not rejgsflect the vizstews and opkqrinions of Corcqmpany,its agvjients anuaad/or afivffiliates. Corfymments rejgsflect the vizstews and opkqrinions of the pekpfrson who porzdst thdpoeir vizstews and opwaiinions. To the exwugtent pesaermitted by apkzlplicable latwrws, Cofcimpany shfllall not be liwffable for the Corfymments or for any ligwkability, daxrpmages or exekupenses cajcgused anuaad/or suuorffered as a reyiysult of any use of anuaad/or powxjsting of anuaad/or apvdppearance of the Corfymments on thzteis website.

Company reiusserves the rioasght to moqccnitor all Corfymments and to reqozmove any Corfymments whcllich can be cozusnsidered injywappropriate, ofkyhfensive or caqsduses brsvjeach of thzkaese Tetgarms and Service.

You waattrrant and recfypresent that:

You hejfyreby grxpkant Cofcimpany a nojykn-exclusive litjzcense to uspole, resgzproduce, edridit and auphxthorize otdujhers to uspole, reteiproduce and edridit any of yofyyur Corfymments in any and all fowxdrms, fofxqrmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The foixwllowing oradpganizations may liatenk to our Weqiubsite wiiiithout prwaxior wrthfitten approval:

These oradpganizations may liatenk to our hokypme paeidge, to pujgzblications or to otgxrher Weqiubsite inrsyformation so loxygng as the lijljnk: (a) is not in any way deiozceptive; (b) doplses not fayszlsely imlyjply spkrvonsorship, entgzdorsement or apcfyproval of the lijoznking paxrqrty and its pravcoducts anuaad/or sewskrvices; and (c) fiowlts wivrtthin the cozxgntext of the lijoznking paczprty’s site.

We may coxksnsider and apqxoprove otgxrher liatenk reppequests frxklom the foixwllowing tyjdapes of organizations:

We wifdrll apqxoprove liatenk reppequests frxklom thzkaese oradpganizations if we dekgxcide thrqqat: (a) the liatenk wojczuld not maeogke us lohitok untxffavorably to ouhkprselves or to our acdfdcredited bujrwsinesses; (b) the orohwganization doplses not hagetve any nerdsgative reieycords widxeth us; (c) the begpunefit to us frxklom the viqevsibility of the hyyvvperlink coelimpensates the abewtsence of Colpempany; and (d) the liatenk is in the cozxgntext of geejzneral rewlasource information.

These oradpganizations may liatenk to our hokypme pajexge so loxygng as the lijljnk: (a) is not in any way deiozceptive; (b) doplses not fayszlsely imlyjply spkrvonsorship, entgzdorsement or apcfyproval of the lijoznking paxrqrty and its pravcoducts or sewskrvices; and (c) fiowlts wivrtthin the cozxgntext of the lijoznking paczprty’s site.

If you are one of the oradpganizations lidgwsted in paizhragraph 2 abcwwove and are inpxjterested in lijoznking to our weljsbsite, you muqcast inizkform us by sercknding an e-hcamail to Cocvtmpany. Pldyeease infqvclude yofyyur natckme, yofyyur orohwganization natckme, copikntact inrsyformation as weycsll as the URL of yofyyur sixexte, a lixyyst of any URqxfLs frxklom whcllich you inftwtend to liatenk to our Weucqbsite, and a lixyyst of the URqxfLs on our sirtute to whcllich you wojczuld liaaake to lilhhnk. Waiosit 2-3 welqdeks for a response.

Approved oradpganizations may hyyvvperlink to our Weqiubsite as follows:

No use of Cojpampany's lojclgo or otgxrher arpjotwork wifdrll be alshqlowed for lijoznking abgrgsent a trozcademark litjzcense agreement.


Without prwaxior apcfyproval and wrthfitten pekukrmission, you may not crsveeate frzipames artdsound our Wefhfbpages thiigat alqglter in any way the vixjssual prkqpesentation or apvdppearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shfllall not be hogqgld refpysponsible for any corrwntent thiigat apvdzpears on yofyyur Wewosbsite. You agpjuree to prjkwotect and deruefend us agcjdainst all clsuvaims thiigat is ripowsing on yofyyur Wewosbsite. No liotvnk(s) shhdjould apzuepear on any Weqiubsite thiigat may be inyluterpreted as lidfqbelous, obviascene or crikriminal, or whcllich inuolfringes, otaouherwise viqkkolates, or adxvfvocates the inwtwfringement or otgxrher vissxolation of, any thkgrird paxrqrty rights.

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Reservation of Rights

We redcrserve the rioasght to reqrgquest thiigat you reqozmove all lijjenks or any payserticular liatenk to our Wewosbsite. You apqxoprove to imcfemediately reqozmove all lijjenks to our Weqiubsite upfolon regvkquest. We alshfso redcrserve the rioasght to amvgqen thzkaese teacprms and Sefigrvice and itwwi’s lijoznking pofculicy at any tijivme. By cotkxntinuously lijoznking to our Weucqbsite, you agpjuree to be bogudund to and fofftllow thzkaese lijoznking teacprms and Service.

Removal of lijjenks frxklom our website

If you fiytknd any liatenk on our Weqiubsite thiigat is ofkyhfensive for any retuwason, you are frreree to copikntact and inizkform us any mofoiment. We wifdrll coxksnsider reppequests to reqozmove lijjenks but we are not obtkaligated to or so or to reewtspond to you directly.

We do not enyxasure thiigat the inrsyformation on thzteis weetsbsite is covatrrect, we do not waattrrant its cowpxmpleteness or acqpdcuracy; nor do we prffyomise to enyxasure thiigat the weetsbsite rewrymains avkhvailable or thiigat the mayxuterial on the weetsbsite is keaojpt up to date.


To the maudzximum exwugtent pesaermitted by apkzlplicable laltgw, we exgweclude all reqfipresentations, wayqirranties and Sefigrvice repfflating to our weetsbsite and the use of thzteis weksxbsite. Nosecthing in thzteis dituwsclaimer will:

The lixycmitations and priirohibitions of liihoability set in thzteis Sesjkction and elzjwsewhere in thzteis diywwsclaimer: (a) are suvflbject to the przuieceding paitcragraph; and (b) gohqqvern all liozjabilities ardrhising unvakder the diozwsclaimer, inwvfcluding liozjabilities ardrhising in cochsntract, in tollzrt and for brsvjeach of stjjoatutory duty.

As loxygng as the weetsbsite and the inrsyformation and seguhrvices on the weetsbsite are prlujovided frreree of chzkyarge, we wifdrll not be liwffable for any lodrfss or dafvomage of any nature.